Summer Class 2018

Typography and Letterpress Printing
2nd–7th July 2018
Zurich, Switzerland

Prof. Rudolf Barmettler

Advanced Typography

Letterpress printing and manual typographic design development. It’s a rare opportunity to understand and learn manual typographic design by means of letterpress.

Learning Content and Skills

Basics of typography

Workshop Description

This workshop addresses all steps of manual typographic design. From detailed sketching of text layouts to finished printed matter, all aspects of conception and implementation are exercised, tested, reworked and produced by means of letterpress printing on a proofing press.

Workshop Content

Design and production of a poster and invitation card.


Systematic design process: 20 design steps of organising and weighting information with felt pen on paper.

Subject-specific Inputs

We will follow five different steps within six days:


09.00–10.00  Repetition of the basics of typography and letterpress printing

10.00–12.00  Step 1: Definition of a manuscript (1)

13.00–18.00  Step 2: Drafts, sketches and design development


09–12.00 / 13–18.00  Drafts, sketches and design development


09–12.00 / 13–18.00  Step 3: Visualisation and elaboration


09–12.00 / 13–18.00  Step 4: Preparations: Typesetting, linoleum-cutting or cardboard-cutting


09–12.00 / 13–18.00  Step 5: Printing


09–12.00 / 13–18.00  Printing


(1) The workshop’s topic could be fashion design, architecture or industrial design.

After choosing the context, each participant defines a manuscript. If we could agree on a single topic for all the workshop participants, it would be even better and more productive. Thus, we could compare what we’ve developed in the end.